Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Going to Take 10 Years to Find That Many Guns.

Our neighbors to the north have decided to give Canadian border officers guns, but it's going to take ten years to implement the plan.

The article doesn't give details as to what will take ten years, but maybe it's training, distribution and procedures that have to be written up. Regardless, what on earth would take ten years? Clearly, there's no imminent danger. Canadian border officers, however, aren't too keen on being unarmed when scary stuff is coming through their border:

Officers left their posts in British Columbia earlier this year when they were told that two murder suspects from California were headed their way. The men were apprehended by armed U.S. law enforcement officers.

Wow, so in 2016, this issue will be resolved. I wonder why the officers left their post for this incident. Surely, other dangerous characters have been heading their way in the past.

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