Thursday, August 17, 2006

Goddamnit! Will it never end?!!

According to a story in the Seattle Times, a victim of the shooting at the Jewish Federation is going to dedicate herself to fighting for tighter gun control laws. For anyone not familiar with this story, this is the case where an unbalanced Muslim man forced his way into the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle and shot six people, killing one of them.

Without going into the long, typical and perfectly diamond hard logical rant of why a gun ban would be a waste of time, I'd like to point out that Scotland has just passed a law banning swords because "blade crime" is apparently out of control in a country where guns are very tightly restricted already.

"They are certainly among the range of weapons that are used by people. This reduces their availability except for legitimate reasons. I think if it saves one life or permanent disfigurement it is worthwhile."

If the above quote were any more cliche, I'd probably think that they were talking about guns, but they're not, they're talking about swords.

SWORDS will be banned from sale in Scotland in a new effort to tackle the country's "booze and blades" culture.

In fact, if the text of this story could be any more parallel with a gun debate, I'd have the vapors:

However, it is understood that exceptions will be made for weapons required for religious, cultural or sporting purposes.

Retailers yesterday claimed the move was an over-reaction, as swords constitute just 1 per cent of knife crime.


They will be required to record the names and addresses of all purchasers and be prohibited from displaying non-domestic knives and swords in shop windows.

It looks as though that in this episode, the assault rifle will be played by the Scottish Claymore, and the cheap imported firearms will be played by various other non-domestic knives and swords.

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It looks fake, but man, if it's real...