Thursday, April 12, 2007

Driving drunk, talking on a cell phone, it's all the same to me.

The state of Washington finally passed a ban on talking on a cell phone while driving. One nutcase legislator named Tracy Eide-D Federal Way had this to say:
"It's absolutely a safety issue," Eide, D-Federal Way, said after the vote. She said talking on a cellphone while driving is "equivalent to driving while you're intoxicated."

The hell? Does one even need to respond to that bit of idiocy? Eide has been trying for seven years to get a cell phone ban. The long winter evenings must fly by at the old Eide household. Cell phone bans are some of the most stupid and infantilizing type of legislation around. To wit:
It will still be legal to use hands-free devices such as earphones and Bluetooth technology, and to talk on licensed amateur radios. The legislation imposes no limits on emergency workers, tow-truck operators or motorists trying to call law enforcement.
Clearly, "talking" on a cell phone must not be the equivalent of driving while intoxicated. Do we allow tow-truck operators, emergency workers or motorists with an emergency drive while intoxicated? No we don't. If it's the talking that's dangerous, why are hands free devices allowed? One must still dial the phone. Oh, and anyone who tries the voice recognition come-back, I've used cell-phone voice recognition. Believe me, you're still going to be dialing.

I will still be talking on my cell phone in Washington.