Thursday, August 17, 2006

Geraldo: This time he's REALLY in the sludgeheap of history...

An arrest has finally been made in the age old JoneBenet Ramsey murder case. The first thing that struck me was not so much the details of the arrest, but what Geraldo must have been thinking. To remind everyone, Geraldo had been so convinced that JonBenet's mother Patsy had killed her because the girl was wetting the bed that he even held a mock trial in a 1997 television special in which the Ramsey parents were found 'guilty'.

The Ramsey's may have been a bit creepy, but their little girl never deserved her fate. Saying that, Geraldo can go bugger off. I'm too lazy to research Geraldo's reaction to the arrest, if he's even had one. Maybe someone can comment?

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