Monday, August 14, 2006

Tinseltown: Havana

This is an utterly fascinating statement made by a major newspaper outlet:

The photos [of the ailing Castro] were credited to Estudios RevoluciĆ³n, a division of Castro's personal support group that collects historic documents and images. There was no reason to doubt they were real.

Let's take this from another perspective. A mock situation can be conjured up: George W. Bush realeased photos of Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Baghdad earlier today. The photos were credited to Bush Productions, a division of Bush's personal campaign office. There was no reason to doubt they were real.

Look, I'm sorry, but any images (especially photos) coming from a group personally attached to Castro-- not to mention that it's in a communist country where every aspect of public life and media are carefully controlled-- are automatically doubted as to their authenticity.


Anonymous said...

Now now how can you doubt our brothers in the glorious revolution. But seriously it is alot of trouble to go through if he died on the table, and quite frankly i don't see the political need to keep him alive, but not well enough to exercises power?

Paul said...

But what about the reverse? What about all the bad polaroids, temporary leaders, vague comments, and lack of a video taped message? I can't believe that if Castro were even able to speak he wouldn't video tape a 'message to the people'. Even the Cuban government must realize that their handling of this only raises doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, is it possible the cuban government can't afford a video camera?