Thursday, August 17, 2006

Washington State Supreme Court justices know how to party.

Yep, they're back in the news again. Justice Tom Chambers was in an unreported motorcycle accident where a woman had injuries requiring medical treatment, including a broken collarbone. Now, I'm not going to make hay out of a simple accident that didn't occur under nefarious circumstances.

However, the Seattle Times article made mention of a one (1) Bobbe Bridge in this rather oddly written section:

Supreme Court justices are held to high standards, as one of Chambers' colleagues found out three years ago.

Justice Bobbe Bridge was arrested in 2003 on drunken-driving and hit-and-run charges. While returning home from a party in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, Bridge sideswiped a parked pickup and then drove on the wrong side of the road, forcing another vehicle onto the curb to avoid a collision.

Bridge was reprimanded by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, which called her actions "callous" to the safety of others.

Now I'm not hip to the statistics on what the rest of us would get if caught driving at three times the legal limit (.08), sideswiping a parked vehicle and fleeing the scene. But it seems that Bobbe Bridge got off pretty easy (no jail time) with some counciling and a device in her car that she has to breathe into before starting the engine-- considering that she's a freaking Supreme Court Judge. Higher standards? I think not.

But I can say that regardless of what the rest of us get, we can be sure that we don't get less than what Justice Bridge got- so I'm not sure I concur with the statement about Justices being held to 'high standards'. She kept her job, made a 'confessional' speech which got her a standing ovation and sympathy as to how hard all this must be for her.

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