Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here we go again...

On Monday, an uncle said she was trying to put the past behind her; she wanted to spend more time with her young son, who lives with his father.
"She had her hard times, but she was a good girl," he said, asking not to have his name published for fear the incident might hurt his business. "She said she was going to church and wanted to get her life together."

And how many times do we get to hear how the criminal behind the tragic event was 'just turning their life around'. They were 'hoping for a fresh start'. No. No they weren't. No they're not. Being tanked up on meth, not reporting to your parole officer, and driving an SUV at eighty miles per hour through the Central District and killling a police officer does NOT define "getting your life together".

She had her hard times and she was a freaking career criminal wench:

Just 10 days out of prison, Mary Jane Rivas was on the run from the law — again.
Wanted on arrest warrants for prostitution, DUI, malicious mischief and two thefts, Rivas had blown off a meeting on Aug. 4 with her parole officer, and the state was still looking for her.

Rivas has been in and out of prison since 1995 — for possession of stolen property, attempting to elude police, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of heroin and methamphetamine.

This woman's a real piece of work. This whole 'turning a new leaf' thing that we hear in every single story about a perpetrator of a tragic crime suggests to me that the most dangerous time for society is right when the criminal decides to turn his or her life around.


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Anonymous said...

"Her father, Dave Reisdorph, said she called him after she got out of prison and promised she was kicking drugs.

"She's been saying she'll be good for some time," he said. "I kind of disowned her a long time ago."

Later, still with no word from the woman, probation officers tried to find her and discovered she was not living where she said she would be.

At the time of the crash she was being sought on warrants accusing her of drunken driving, prostitution, malicious mischief and two thefts."

Sounds like her father isn't a total idiot...