Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Reason Subpoena debacle. A place for discussion.

A quick note regarding the Reason subpoena issue, I'd like to post something here with some initial thoughts, and any Reason regulars (or irregulars) who would like to discuss this are more than welcome to discuss this here, as Reason has sadly made it clear that they don't want it discussed on their site.  More than likely because they fear further repercussions from an all-powerful state.

Some random thoughts, because I haven't had time to put them into a better more coherent post:

  • Disappointed that Nick Gillespie hasn't made any official announcement of the Subpoena, because I've read the actual Subpoena, and it doesn't say they can't notify anyone, just that it's requested they don't.
  • The Subpoena demands all identifying information on six commenters:  Agammamon, cloudbuster, Rhywun, Alan, Croaker and Product Placement.  Subpoena here:  http://popehat.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Revised-Grand-Jury-Subpoena.pdf
  • Some of those users I know and talk with (on the forum) regularly, others I'm not as familiar with, but that doesn't mean they're not long-time commenters-- but I suspect they're much newer as I've been on Reason for over a decade.
  • Several of the comments, particularly those made by Rhywun and Product Placement were not threatening at all, not even with the most liberal stretch of the meaning.  Why does the government demand the identities of those two commenters?
  • Given the number of ridiculous and inflammatory things said on the internet every pico second, why do WE, the United States of America have to act like the goddamned Taliban when someone makes a blasphemous comment about a 'revered' figurehead?
Having listed out those thoughts, there are plenty more here, and I'd be honored if anyone from the Reason site were to engage discussion here, as discussion on Reason itself has been greatly chilled, even by the relative light-hand moderation that's been occurring there.