Friday, August 11, 2006

Cats in the Cradle

A notorious cat previously used in an undercover sting was killed by traffic:

Fred ran out Moran's back door into her yard Wednesday while Moran was attending to two dogs.
"He had to have hopped several fences" to escape to the street, Moran said. Neighbors found his body in the road later that morning.

Methinks Fred was trying to get away from something. Could it be this:

Fred received a Law Enforcement Appreciation Award and was honored at an adopt-a-thon benefit hosted by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters. He had been "preparing for a new career in education," with a "significant role" in a classroom program that teaches children how to care for animals, the district attorney's office said.

I know something about cats, and I can tell you that cats, especially cats like Fred who were docile and "easy going" are not much into high pressure careers, social engagements and full calendars. Let this be a lesson to anyone overscheduling their house cat.

Story here.

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