Thursday, August 17, 2006

Top Al Qaeda advisor to Bin Laden: We may be creating a thousand new George W. Bush's

Or at least I wonder if Al Qaeda ever has this concern when they plot their next terrorist attack. In fact, I wonder if radical Islam, or even moderate Islam frets over this possibility. I tend to think that Islamists- especially the radical elements aren't particularly introspective about their role in the world.

But when arguments are put forth, suggesting that our actions and policies in the Middle East are "creating a thousand Bin Laden's" one has to wonder if the reverse is true. I tend to believe that the events of 9/11 certainly did create thousands of so-called hawkish Neo-cons who will brook no quarter in the WoT.

I think that it's a perfectly normal and valid question to ask. Are there elements of our political class being radicalized by the actions of radical Islam? Will our Middle East policies become more hard-line, more militaristic by the continued actions of Islamic terrorists?

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