Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Interesting Perspective

"In principle, I don't have the feeling that I missed out on something," Kampusch said of her youth. "I was spared some things — didn't start smoking and drinking and didn't have any bad friends."
Yeah, except for Wolfgang Priklopil, the creep who locked her up in his basement for eight years. I had to wonder, though, how she didn't escape earlier, then I remembered this occurred in Europe:

On a typical day, she said, she would have breakfast with Priklopil, a communications technician who she said usually didn't work. The day would be spent doing various things around the house.
Oh yeah, silly me. Oh, and this is unintentionally funny and begs other questions:

Police were in contact with Priklopil after Kampusch disappeared because he owned a white van — the type of vehicle a witness said the girl was dragged into. But investigators believed him when he said he was alone at home working
on his house when she vanished.
Good sir, you drive a van much like the one driven by the suspect who kidnapped the small girl... what's that? You were home at the time? Good enough for us. Wha? My guess is that at the time, Priklopil wasn't that much of a suspect, otherwise some simple surveillance would have probably nabbed this guy much earlier.

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