Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This libertarian is setting the conditions for a swing to the Dems

I've read all I can read, and said all I can say about the Cato Unbound forum on the Libertarian Democrat. Anyone who has read my posts (here, here and here) knows I'm very skeptical about the so-called Libertarian Democrat.

Democrats can get my vote. But my demands for any Democrat (for which I am able to vote-- and a national politician of course) are as thus:

You must take an unequivocal and unambiguous promise to overturn the Patriot Act, the torture bill and aim for a full reversal of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform laws.

Not one or two of the three, but all three. In addition, this will be seen only as a first step, further judgments will follow-- at my discretion. It is, however a simple platform that you can use as the bedrock of your campaign.

Politics being what they are, I don't expect that you'll be completely successful, but your efforts must be unambiguous, clear, and completely devoid of political compromises of convenience.

I will not accept any excuses regarding 'earmarks' or other addenda to the goal uness there are significant extenuating circumstances- to be judged by me and me alone.

You want my libertarian vote? Those are my demands. Elections are predicted to be close. Think long and hard when you merely offer more of the same.

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