Sunday, October 22, 2006

These are the so-called 'quality' teachers?

In an investigational series by the Seattle Times which uncovers improperly sealed court cases (and unseals them, natch) they detail a case where not only was a teacher molesting young girls, but the whole thing was pretty much covered up. Carl Leede, the molesting Northshore district teacher in question was quite a piece of work, and apparently quite a catch for the school district:

[Leede] applied to the district in 1976, after teaching for two years in Kitsap County. His letter [pdf link], peppered with typos and misspellings, said he wanted to reduce his "commutation time" and pursue his "educational asperarions." Northshore hired him the following year.
I don't even want to know what this guy's salary was. That's a can of whoop-ass you don't even want me to open.
He called boys "jerkballs." One wrote Leede a letter, saying: "Why do you treat the boys like crud?" He hugged the girls, beckoning with "Come here, gorgeous." He'd remark to other adults about the girls' developing bodies and predict who'd get pregnant first.
I'd like to remind the literally tens of readers I get per month that these were elementary school kids fer chrissakes.

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