Thursday, October 12, 2006

Safety Equipment Fails to Engage After Plane Explodes in Fiery Blast

I'm no expert on aviation safety systems but I find this statement interesting:

The Cirrus SR20 was manufactured in 2002 and purchased earlier this year, Hersman said. The small aircraft has four seats and is equipped with a parachute designed to let it float to earth in case of a mishap. The parachute apparently did not engage after the crash.[emphasis mine]
My first question is, why would it?

Those parachutes are generally designed to deploy in the event of an airborne situation, such as engine failure during flight, or inability to control the plane. But if your plane slams into a building and explodes into a fiery ball of wreckage, what advantage would a post-crash chute deployment get anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Well, it'll give people more time to grab their camcorders and start filming...