Saturday, October 07, 2006

Government Hospital Calls 911 for Help

If you're dying, drive past the VA hospital in Spokane.

A Spokane veteran of three wars died after collapsing in the parking lot of a veterans hospital where staffers called 911 instead of helping the man.
"This man who fought three wars was dying in front of the VA Hospital, and no one inside would help," said the Rev. Eugene Singleton, who drove Fuller. "I thought a professional person, no matter who you are, who has taken an oath to save lives, would help."

I'm sorry, but I don't fully buy the excuses. It's a hospital, it should be able to handle heart attacks. No, they may not be able to handle amputees or gunshots, but any hospital should have the ability to stablize a victim, and then send him on.

"Calling the fire department was quicker than getting equipment and bringing it back out or finding someone who could offer the medical assistance," he said.

Well, yes, in the case of the VA hospital, calling the fire department probably was the best course of action.

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Unperfect Lesbian said...

Just another piece of evidence where people are just plain lazy and are unwilling to take responsibility for anything. What do they do when someone is "crashing" in the hospital? Um, let them die? Nice, very nice.