Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another shot fired

Michael Strong weighs in over at Cato Unbound with good piece on why Democrats should get their libertarian on, not the other way around. It provides a nice contrast to the calls for libertarians to vote Democrat first, then hope for a donkey party policy shift later. Here's a snippet:

The Democratic Strategist recently printed an essay titled “Message of Misery,” on how the Democrat’s litany of economic catastrophe is not resonating with voters:
$23,700. That is the household income level at which a white person became more likely to vote for a Republican over a Democrat in congressional races in 2004.
The authors of this article point out that the reason that Democrats have been losing is not because Democrats have been framing the issues poorly (Lakoff), nor is it because voters have been deceived by Republicans into voting against their economic interests (the “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” thesis). Their research shows that voters simply don’t buy the anti-capitalist doom and gloom rhetoric put out by Democrats. Their research shows that 80% of Americans think it is “still possible to start out poor in this country, work hard, and become rich,” and when asked to identify the biggest threat to America’s future 61% chose “big government” compared to 27% who chose “big business.” That 61% is the foundation of a libertarian majority.
Regarding the latest from Moulitsas, I don't vote Democrat first and hope they move in my direction. Sorry, that dog don't hunt.

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