Friday, October 13, 2006

Rush A Gun...

Once in a while, I read a story that just warms my heart. This story is one:

Youngsters in a suburban Fort Worth, Texas, school district are being taught not to sit there like good boys and girls with their hands folded if a gunman invades the classroom, but to rush him and hit him with everything they've got -- books, pencils, legs and arms.

"Getting under desks and praying for rescue from professionals is not a recipe for success," said Robin Browne, a major in the British Army reserve and an instructor for Response Options, the company providing the training to the Burleson schools.
I've long held that the concept of allowing the criminal to continue his course of action until law-enforcement arrives is utter B.S., and I strongly believe that this is the correct approach. I've certainly thought(especially after 9/11) that assuming if you comply utterly with an attacker's demand you won't get hurt is bunk.
The fight-back training parallels the change in thinking that has occurred since September 11, 2001, when United Flight 93 made it clear that the usual advice during a hijacking -- Don't try to be a hero, and no one will get hurt -- no longer holds.

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