Friday, September 08, 2006

WTO Protests Go Hollywood

A movie starring Charleze Theron portraying the WTO protests in Seattle begins filming as early as next month. From the Seattle Times article:

Charlize Theron will play a pregnant bystander who loses her baby in Seattle's WTO riots. Susan Sarandon may take the part of a newscaster sympathetic to the protesters.

I'm not sure where they're going with the whole 'loses her baby' thing, but this movie will be interesting if for no other reason than I was there and witnessed the protests (and the rioting) first hand. Given the fact that hardly anyone was hurt, let alone seriously, the story is going to have to really draw out the human emotion angle. Given the size of the crowd and the police force present, the worst injury was a broken arm which netted the injured man $30,000. I broke my wrist and had a mild concussion and was denied medical care by my sixth grade teacher and received $0. Eh well, different times, I guess.

I must also add that I'm shocked, SHOCKED to hear that Susan Sarandon may play the part of a newscaster sympathetic to the protesters. Nothing for nothing, but Hollywood can still surprise.

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