Monday, September 11, 2006

Liberals Even I Can Love

Reason's Kerry Howly points out that British Columbia's Liberal party has decided to cancel the fall session. The fall session is apparently "optional" and the Liberal party believes that there's nothing pressing to debate. This is the kind of story that makes a libertarians heart go pitter patter, even more than the 1995 government shutdown during the Clinton presidency. What's great about the B.C. sitch is that it's not shutting down over a disagreement, it's a legislature that is literally convinced that there is no new needed legislation.

"I haven't heard anybody thus far who has said I'm offended you decided not to impose more laws," Mr. De Jong said.

Wow, maybe I've been too hard on Canadians all these years. If he hasn't heard a single complaint, it's possible Canadians don't have the government they deserve. Maybe they're finally getting it with the Liberal party, however.

What's interesting, is no matter how rosy the libertarian picture is, someone is always waiting in the wings to ruin the party:

"Unfortunately, the legislature in B.C. has not been as relevant as it could be and it should be in the lives of British Columbians," said Mr. Mitchell, a vice-president at the University of Ottawa. "The legislature exists to keep the government accountable and if it's only in session for a few months a year, it's hard to make them accountable."

So there ya have it. No "keep your laws of my body" sentiments from the veep at the U of O. Oh, speaking for myself, if accountability goes part-in-parcel with being "in my life", I'd prefer an unaccountable government.

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