Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Willie Wonka's Dad Worked for CSPI

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night and it occurred to me that Willie Wonka's father (Dr. Wonka) was the founder of Center for "Science" in the "Public Interest".  Dr. Wonka, a renouned dentist has young Willie strapped in headgear that was scarier than his halloween costume.  After returning from trick-or-treating, Dr. Wonka (played by a dark and intimidating Christopher Lee) inspects the candy and derides lollipops as "Cavities on a stick".  The he proceeds to tell young Willie that he read an article where some kids are allergic to chocolate.  Willie muses outloud that he might not be, to which Dr. Wonka replies, "Why take the chance?!!" and chucks the whole lot into the fire.

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