Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The bitch led me on!!! It's not completely my fault.

At least that was the tone of the defense used by a Spokane Detective who exposed himself to a barista during a Spokane County Civil Service Commission hearing.
The firing of a detective who exposed himself at a barista at a coffee stand has been reversed by the Spokane County Civil Service Commission as excessively harsh.
Instead, under the panel's 14-page ruling Monday, sheriff's Detective Joseph W. Mastel, 52, will be on unpaid leave and then forced to retire in July, allowing him to be paid for as much as 1,440 hours of unused sick time and to apply for other law enforcement jobs in the state.
Perhaps this man is a prime candidate to enter the much vaunted education system in this state. Given our history of "public service" employees, he sounds like quite a catch. Oh, and lest you think I'm kidding about the 'led me on' comment, think again:

At his Civil Service Commission hearing, Mastel argued that the woman to whom he exposed himself had dressed provocatively and led him on.

"I take responsibility, but I don't take full responsibility," Mastel said at the time.

Hmph, "full responsibility" and the criminal actions of our public service sector- why would I expect someone in the public sector to take "full responsibility" for anything?

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