Friday, November 03, 2006

For Whom The Bell Tolls

And the bell's a ringing. If there's one thing that social conservatives don't need right now, it's another gay sex scandal. Questions are being raised as to the timing of the most recent news of an evangelical leader's gay sex trists with a male prostitute. It's certainly notable, but assuming the allegations are true (and it looks like they are), I say too bad. One has to assume that if you're in the public eye and at the same time a big, fat hypocrite your laundry will get aired publicly at the least opportune time.

Unfortunately, due to our two party system, often times the unbending social conservatives can remain in power while more moderate republicans find that it's their seats which are vulnerable.

One can only hope that the most socially conservative Republicans are swept from office. The time has come... they've overstayed their welcome.

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